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it works marketingIf you are looking for a way to make money with It works Global then you landed on the right site because I’m going to teach you some It Works Marketing tips that will explode your business.


It Works Global is a network marketing company that sells beauty and wellness products through independent distributors.  Most distributors don’t make any money with It Works Global because they don’t know how to market.  In this blog post you will learn 4  Marketing tips that will explode your business.


It Works Marketing tip # 1


The first thing you have to do when you get involved with It Works Global is realize that you shouldn’t market the company alone, you should be marketing YOU INC. Understand that people don’t join network marketing companies, people join people.  So you have to present yourself as someone who can help your prospects get what they want by working with you in It Works Global.


Find out what your prospects want to accomplish or what they need help with before you talk about your business.  Before you present It Works Global to anyone you have to find out how it would solve their problem.  Your prospect might be looking to get more free time from work, pay less taxes, fire their boss, add an additional income stream etc.  After you know what they are looking for explain to them how working with you in It Works Global is the solution to their problem.  This separates the amateurs from the professionals.


It works Marketing tip# 2


Identify your target market.  Your target market is other network marketer’s and people ho are actually looking for a business opportunity.  Those are the people you should be marketing to.  Why? They are already interested in building a business, they don’t have a job mentality, and you don’t have to convince them that it is not a pyramid scheme.


It works Marketing tip # 3


Have a way to get leads after you go through your warm market of family and friends.  This is another area that a lot of networkers struggle with, but the master marketers have a steady flow of high quality leads coming in every day.


Marketing is more than putting up fliers at the mall or on people’s cars or giving out business cards.  I have never met anyone who has built a huge downline using just those methods.  You need to learn how to market on the internet.  Why? There are currently 246,000 people a month searching for the term “make money from home”, 1,830,000 people are searching for “home business” every month.  If you don’t believe those numbers check it out by using the free google keyword tool.


The master marketers are getting 50+ high quality leads a by marketing online.  These leads are highly qualified because they are already looking for a business like It Works Global and best of all they are finding you instead of you going out and looking for them.  Adding online marketing as well as some good offline rejection free marketing to your skill sets is definitely a good thing to do.

If you don’t have leads you don’t have a business, and if you can’t market you don’t have leads.  End of Story!


It works Marketing tip # 4


Learn how to get money into your reps hands with in the first 90 days.  Statistics show that if your reps aren’t making money within the first 3 months most of them will quit the business.  The top internet marketers get money into their reps hands by training them with a funded proposal and selling it to their future teammates.  A funded proposal will teach all of your reps how to get leads, market their business, and make money even if no one joins buy offering a solution to your prospects problem.   Remember your target market is other network marketer’s.   What do 90% of networkers struggle with? Getting leads, spending more money than they are making and not knowing how to market.  A funded proposal solves all of these problems.


These are 4 marketing tips that will help you in your It Works Global business or any MLM business that you decide to get into.  To see how the top income earners recruit 20 to 30 people and get paid even when no one joins their business visit the It Works Marketing Training System and you will learn the real way to build a network marketing dynasty.


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