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akea lifeIf you are reading this AkeaLife review you are probably thinking about joining this business opportunity.  But you decided to do your research before you spend your hard earned money to see if it is really something that you want to get involved with.  This Akea Life review will give you the unbiased truth about Akea Life  and it will also let you know what is really required to make money and how you can avoid the problems that most distributors have.


Akea Life review – What is AkeaLife?


AkeaLife is a network marketing company that was founded in 2010 and it is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Visionary for Akea Life is William King, who is a highly successful entrepreneur and he is also very knowledgeable when it comes to health and wellness products.  Mr. King has a lot of experience when it comes to business, he has held many positions in different companies including CEO and President.  Not only is Mr. King very experienced, but also Akea’s science board is made of doctors that are well recognized in the health industry.


Akea Life review of the AkeaLife products


Akea Life sells a product called Akea Essentials, which is a powder nutritional supplement that needs to be mixed with juice or water.  Essentials is a combination of herbs, spices, grains, whole foods, probiotics and fibers.  Essentials is made with 90% organic ingredients and is free of gluten, yeast egg, preservatives, sweeteners, dairy, salt, starch, and artificial flavoring.  This product is suppose to be good for increasing energy, immune system support, digestion, mental clarity, and it also prevents joint pain and helps with weight management.


AkeaLife review of the Pay Plan


AkeaLife compensation plan is a binary plan, which means you will be responsible for building 2 teams one on the left and one on the right.  There are many ways that distributors can get paid with Akea Life.  Distributors can earn retail commissions every time they sell a product at the retail price, team commissions when there team makes sales, rank advancement bonuses, and they can also earn residual income.  There are many ways that you can get paid with Akea, but if you really want get paid every way possible you just have to be good at 3 things, selling the products, recruiting people, and training your new team recruits how to sell and recruit.  If you master those skills there is no limit to how much money you will make.


Is Akea Life a good business to join?

Akealife is definitely a great business opportunity, with great leadership, products and a good compensation plan.  However, just because you join does not mean that you will have success.  Most distributors struggle because they can’t recruit people into the business or sell the products after they speak to their warm market of family and friends, most distributors can’t even recruit any of their family or friends into Akea.  If you are planning on Joining Akea Life or any other MLM Company you will have to learn how to recruit distributors and sell the products.  People struggle with recruiting because they don’t know how to market and get qualified leads to look at their business.  The best way to avoid this problem is to learn attraction marketing so that you never run out of people to speak to.


Have Success with Akea Life


The best way to have success with AkeaLife is to utilize a proven attraction marketing system. To see how you can use a proven attraction marketing system to brand yourself as a leader, get 30+ leads a day, and recruit at least 20 distributors every month visit Matthew Alleyne’s Attraction Marketing training where you will get access to a step by step system to build a stable and profitable AkeaLife business.


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