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bill brittIf you are reading this article you might be thinking about joining Bill Britt’s team in Amway or maybe you just want to know how he achieved so much success.  This article will discuss the methods that Bill Britt used to earn millions in Amway and it will also talk about how you can build an MLM empire today.


Bill Britt who is he?


Bill Britt is a distributor for Amway Global.  Bill joined Amway back in 1970.  He started his Amway business in Raleigh, NC where he was employed as a City Manager.  He was looking for something that would give him the life that he wanted and he came across Amway.  He did extremely well in Amway.  As a matter of fact he is an Amway Legend who has earned millions and millions and millions of dollars.


After Bill Britt started having success as an Amway distributor he started his own company called Britt Worldwide (BWW).  Bill started Britt World Wide to help and mentor people who had an interest in building a business.  BWW products come in the form of books CD’s and tapes.  The products give instruction on how to build a business and information on how to become a better person and have people skills.  BWW partnered with Amway to help teach distributors what they need to do to build a successful business.


How did Bill Britt Become Successful


Bill built his Amway business by contacting family, friends, and neighbors.  He also found qualified prospects by selling his CD’s, tapes and audios.  Anyone who would by those CD’s would be great prospect because those products are only bought by people who wanted to build a business and by people who were already in amway.  In addition to talking to friends and family and selling information on how to build a business he also did hotel meetings and had seminars.  The most important thing that Bill did was teach his downline (people he recruited) how to duplicate what he did.


Get Success like Bill Britt


If you truly want to have success like Bill Britt it is important that you let all of your friends and family know what you are doing.  This is the fastest and best way possible to start making money.  However the problem that most people run into after they go through their friends and family is that they run out of people to speak to.  This is where you have to copy Bill Britt and sell generic information on how to build a prosperous business to people who actually want to build a business.


Anyone who buys information on how to build a business will be the most qualified prospect you can get.  The best way to do this today is to use a proven system that can be used by anyone and it will also train your new distributors on how to build a successful business.


To see the system that the top earners are using to train their downline, get qualified leads and recruit 20+ people a month into their network marketing businesses visit Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Training to see how you build yourself a network Marketing empire.


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