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How do you create content that will actually attract customers and reps to you?

In this post I share some content creation tips on where you can find content to attract your ideal prospects.

Why Daily Content creation is important

Daily Content creation is important because it allows you to stay in front of your audience and build your brand.

By creating content daily your audience will get to know like and trust you.

This will eventually result in your prospects buying from you or joining you in business if you're creating quality content.

How do you create content for your prospects?

There are many ways to create content if you're marketing online.

You can create content via videos, podcast, status updates on social media and blog post.

Wikipedia also gives some good information on what content creation is and how to do it.

I personally like to create content through videos and blogging.

Videos is one of the best ways to create content… Because it allows your audience to get to know, like and trust you really fast.

Creating content – where do you find the content

If you've been following the UnshackledMommy and me for any amount of time you know we always preach content marketing.

Content marketing is when you create content that will attract prospects who are most likely to buy your stuff.

If you want to attract prospects who are most likely to buy your products or join you in business…

You have to find out what their problems are and what they want to accomplish.

After you know that information all of your content should be focused on solving their problems.

People always ask where do I find content to create for my target market every day?

Here are few ideas you can use to start creating content…

1. Use your personal struggles

As an example let's say you're targeting people who want to gain weight…

If you are also trying to gain weight you've probably faced the same challenges as someone else trying to gain weight.

You could create content that talks about the struggle you faced and how you fixed it.

2. Webinar's and Live events

If you attend webinar's and live events you should be taking the information that you learned and share it with your audience.

Of course the webinar or live event that you attend should be relevant to your audience.

Most people just attend events, take notes and never share what they learned.

When you attend events you should be taking notes for 2 reasons…

1. What you're going to implement and 2. What you plan on teaching.

3. Trainings and courses that you buy

When you spend money on training and courses specific to your targeted audience… Teach what you learn.

Many people buy courses and never go through them.  If you go through all the courses that you've bought you will never run out of content.

Haven't bought any courses? Go out, buy some and start teaching what you're learning.

Shame on you for not investing in your education lol.

Click on the products tab on the top of this page and find a product you could use.

If you focus on constantly education yourself and your audience you will never struggle to make a sale or recruit.

4. Grocery store magazines

Ever notice when you're at the checkout line they always have those magazines that get your attention.

You can use those headlines in your content marketing… Even if it isn't directly related to your audience you can make it related.

For example I see headlines “4 fruits that are raising your blood pressure”.

If you're in the travel business you could change that to 4 things that is raising the price of your airline ticket.

Go through the magazine and use that information to create your content.

Check out the video below because we list a few more places where you can find excellent content.

Video: Content Marketing ideas on where to find content

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Did this information on content creation help you?  Are you creating content to attract customers and business builders? Let us know in the comments below.  If you learned something from this post don't keep it to yourself share it on social media and with your team.

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