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Forever Green

If you are reading this ForeverGreen review you are probably thinking about joining this business opportunity but you decided to do your research before you spend your money.  This Forever Green review will give you the facts about the company, why so many distributors are struggling with recruiting and it will also tell you what you need to do to have success and recruit more distributors.

ForeverGreen Review What is it?


Forever Green is a health and wellness network marketing company that was launched by Ron Williams in August 2003.  ForeverGreen is a publicly traded international business that is doing business in more than 10 countries.  The company is headquartered in Orem, Utah.

Forever Green Review of the Products


The Forever Green products offer restoration support for the heart, immune system, cellular, weight management, beauty and skin care, natural energy, physical fitness, and over all health.  Some of the ForeverGreen juice products are Azul, Fixx, Thunder, Smart Saltz, Electrifire and FrequenSea , a blend of marine phytoplankton, ionic sea trace minerals, aloe vera and other organic and nutritional minerals.  ForeverGreen also owns another network marketing company called Versativa which has even more products.


ForeverGreen Review of the Pay Plan


There are a few ways that you can get paid with Forever Green, you get paid whenever you sell products and when your team sells products.  You can also get paid fast start bonuses and leadership pools.  The bottom line is if you want to maximize the Forever Green compensation plan you have to be good at selling the products and recruiting distributors and training them on how to sell and recruit.  If you master this skill there is no telling how much money you can make.


Forever Green and your Success


ForeverGreen is a great company and it has excellent leadership. However, just because it is a good business that will not guarantee your success.  Over 90% of distributors are failing because they don’t know how to market or get qualified leads.  The first thing that a new rep is told to do is make a list of their family and friends so that they can introduce them to the business and the products.  This is the best way to get started, but the problem is that after they go through the list of family and friends they run out of people to speak to and this is why they are having problems making money and building the business.


If you want to have real success you have to learn how market and get qualified leads looking at your business daily.  You need to have at least 20 or more qualified leads every day that are interested in starting their own home based business.  The best way to market and signup new distributors is to use Attraction Marketing.


To see how the top earners are using attraction marketing to get 50 plus leads a day and recruit 20 or more new distributors a month visit, Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Training where you will get access to the exact step by step marketing blue print of the top producers.


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