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Tired of posting your links in different Facebook groups and not getting any leads or sales?

Ready to learn the secret on how to get traffic to your website using Facebook groups?

In this post you'll learn how to get traffic to your website using Facebook groups the right way.

How to get traffic with Facebook Groups

All day everyday marketer's are posting their product or business opportunity links in different Facebook groups trying to make a sale…

If you're doing that… I can guarantee you're not getting any results!  Most people never get leads using this method because they're just doing what everyone else is doing.  They're not standing out from the crowd.

Here is an example of a post that I just got from a Facebook Group.

how to get traffic

These are the type of post that the majority of people are doing and they don't understand why they're not getting leads or sales.

Now lets talk about how to get traffic using Facebook Groups the right way.

Let's say that you're promoting a travel service or a travel business opportunity…

You should Never directly promote your company replicated website or product website.

I discuss why in this post Dump your MLM website if you want your business to survive.

The first thing you should do is join all of the groups on Facebook that is relevant to travel.

Next you should go through the group to see what questions the members of the groups are asking.

After you know what your audience is looking for provide them with that information.

If they're not asking any questions you could create content that they would be of interest to them.

You could create a short video or blog post on 3 fun things you can do in Mexico for less than the price of a taco.

Obviously that is just an example lol… But you would do some research and find out what your audience would be interested in.

Do you see how content like this would attract someone as oppose to… Travel all over the world for free and make money now… Visit

After you have created your video or blog post you would then post that content in all of the relevant groups.

If the group is not relevant no one will look at your content and you'll just be wasting time.

So now you're probably wondering… How would creating content get me leads and sales from Facebook groups?

How to get leads and make sales with Facebook groups

At the end of your blog post or video you can direct your viewers to enter their name and email address into your lead capture page in exchange for additional information.

Check out the video below where we cover this in more detail.

Click here to see a simple capture page builder

Did this information on how to get traffic with Facebook groups help you?  Do you have any other methods that you use to get traffic from facebook groups?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you got value from this post don't keep it to yourself share it on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter

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