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Momentis EnergyIf you are reading this Momentis Energy article you have probably joined the company and are looking for away to build the business successfully or maybe you are thinking about joining the business and you want to know what is really required to have success.  This article will tell you the best way to have success with Momentis Energy and it will also tell you what most distributors do wrong to hurt their success.

Momentis Energy The Compensation Plan

Before we talk about the mistakes that most distributors make and how to have success lets talk about the Momentis Energy compensation plan.  There are 5 ways that a Momentis Energy Distributor can get paid.


1.     Immediate Bonus – money that you can make upfront

2.     Mentor Bonus – Teach others to do what you do

3.     My Team Bonus – money based on your core team

4.     MyLeadership Bonus – money you make as you build your team

5.     Residual income – money made from your team and costumers every month


If you really want to be successful with Momentis Energy you just need to be good a 3 things, selling the service, recruiting distributors and teaching your new distributors to duplicate what you do.

What 95% of Momentis Energy reps do wrong


One of the first things a new Momentis Energy distributor will be told to do after they first get started, is to make a list of their family and friends so that they can introduce them to the products and the business opportunity in hopes of them using the service or joining Momentis Energy.  This is the best way to get started, but the truth is that very few people if any will join the business.  After the new Momentis Energy distributor goes through their warm market they run out of people to speak to and they usually resort to chasing the same people to try to convince them to join.


This usually doesn’t work for Momentis Energy or any other network marketing business.  Some even try to prospect strangers at the mall, hand out flyers, or even cold call.  There is nothing wrong with any of these methods, but the truth is that the majority of people that you recruit will not duplicate your efforts.  If you want to be successful with Momentis Energy you must have duplication.

What Momentis Energy reps should do to have Success


As I said before the key to taking full advantage of the compensation plan and getting paid every way possible is to be good at 3 things, recruiting, selling the products, and training your new recruits how to duplicate what you do.  Most distributors struggle with this because they lack marketing and lead generation training.


If you truly want to be successful you need to learn how to market and get qualified leads.  If you don’t know how to market and position yourself in front of the people who are looking for Momentis Energy you will struggle to make any real money.  The best way to learn how to market both online and offline is to learn how to use attraction marketing.


To see how you can position yourself in front of people who are looking for a business like Momentis Energy, get 30+ quality leads a day, and recruit at least 20 distributors every month, visit Matthew Alleyne’s Attraction Marketing blueprint to see how you can build a profitable Momentis Energy business.


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