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myfunlife scamIf you are online reading this MyFunLife scam article it is probably because you are thinking about joining this business opportunity, but you just want to make sure that the Myfunlife scam claims are not true.  You probably found out about this opportunity from someone you know, maybe it was a friend, family member, neighbor, someone at school, someone at work, or maybe it was from some random person on one of the social media sites.  It really doesn’t matter how you found out about it, the important thing is that you are taking the time out to do your research before you spend your hard earned money.  This My Fun Life review will give you some facts about the company and it will also let you know the truth about the MyFunLife scam claims.

MyFunLife Scam – is it true?

The answer is no the “MyFunLife scam” claims are not true.  My Fun Life is a legitimate network marketing business that was started in March 2013.   The company is headquartered in Idaho.  The services they offer are lifestyle products such as discounted travel, discount car rentals, discounted hotels, and much more.  They are able to offer these discounted services because they buy in bulk for discounted prices and then they past the savings onto their members.  Of course if you want more detailed information on the company you can check out their official website at

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Who Makes MyFunLife scam claims?

So you are probably wondering, if the MyFunLife scam claims are not true who actually make these claims?  Well there are two types of people that make these My Fun Life scam claims.  The first people that make these scam claims are the ones who joined the company with a get rich quick mentality or a lottery mentality and did not make any money because they did not put in the work. Instead of telling the truth and admitting that they didn’t make any money because they were lazy they spend their time making MyFunLife scam claims.  The second person that would call this company a scam are the ones who have know clue about network marketing or they want to give themselves a reason not to join.  However like I said earlier you can ignore the scam claims because they are not true.

Why do people fail if there is no MyFunLife scam?

People fail for many reasons, but one of the main reason people fail in network marketing is because they lack marketing and lead generation skills.  When you first get started with your business one of the first things your upline will tell you to do is make a list of your family and friends so that you can introduce them to the business and the services in hopes that they join or use the services or hopefully they do both.  That is a great way to get started but the problem is that they will eventually run out of people to speak to and this is were the struggle and failure starts.  If you have no one to introduce your products and services to you can’t make money and eventually you will quit the business.  So what can you do to avoid that problem?

Succeed with My Fun Life

If you want to succeed with My Fun Life or any other business you need to do what the top earners are doing and I can tell you that they are not just talking to their friends and family.  They know how to have people who are already looking for a business opportunity getting in contact with them about their business.  If you want to learn how to have people who are interested in a business like MyFunLife chasing you, click here now.


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