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norwexIf you are reading this Norwex review you are probably thinking about joining this company.  It is always a good idea to do your research before you spend your hard earned money on any business opportunity.  In this Norwex review you will get the facts about the company and you will also learn how you can have success if you do decide to join.


Norwex Review – What is it?


Norwex is a network marketing company that was started in 1994.  The company is a Norwegian based company.  In 1999 the company expanded into the United Stated and Canada.  They currently have more than 20,000 distributors worldwide.

Norwex Review- What is the Product


Norwex sells its cleaning products that are free of chemicals.  One of their most popular products is their microfiber cleaning cloths.  The cloths have anti-bacterial fibers that catch and attract dirt, dust and grease, which usually requires chemicals to break down.  The products also include home essentials, personal care products and products for the cleaning the kitchen.  The products are sold through distributors who have product parties.


Norwex goal is to improve the quality of life by reducing the use of chemicals cleaning products and personal care.


To become a Norwex consultant or distributor you have to buy a starter kit for $200, however if you can do $2000 in sales within your first 3 months you will not have to pay the $200.  To stay active in the company the consultants are required to do at least $250 in sales every 3 months.


Norwex Review – Compensation Plan


Distributors in the company get a 35% commission wen costumers order from their retail websites.  They also get $300 in free products when the distributors that they recruit do $2000 in sales.  There are also a few other ways that you can get paid for being a Norwex consultant.  The truth is you can maximize the compensation plan by getting good at 3 things, selling the products, recruiting new distributors and training your new distributors how to do the same thing.


Should you Join Norwex


The truth is that Norwex appears to be a great company and it has been around since 1994 so you don’t have to worry about it going out of business.  However, just because Norwex is a great company that does not mean that you will have success with this business.


Your skills will depend on your ability to market and generate quality leads.  When you join the company you will be told to contact your network of family and friends so that you can introduce the business opportunity to them.  This is the best way to get started and make money in business, but the problem is that after most distributors go through their list, they run out of people to speak to.  This is where you will have to learn how to market, remember Norwex is a Network MARKETING company.


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