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www.scentsy.comIf you are reading this article on how to market your website, you are probably struggling to recruit Scentsy consultants into your business or maybe you are having success and you just want to learn how to recruit more people using the internet.  This article will give you the reasons why just promoting will never help you recruit more Scentsy consultants and it will also tell you what you should be doing to sponsor more consultants into Scentsy.

Reasons Scentsy consultants fail with


A lot of Scentsy consultants are struggling to recruit because they don’t know what to do after they go through their warm market of family and friends.  When a new consultant joins the business one of the first things they are told to do is make a list of their family and friends so that they can have a home party and introduce everyone to the products and the business opportunity.  Having a home party is one of the best ways to get started and make money fast, but the problem is that very few if any of the people you know will join the business or buy the products on a regular basis. So the Scentsy consultants will try to market their site online without any marketing experience in hopes that someone will join the business or buy the products.  This never works.


3 Reasons marketing won’t work


1.     The website won’t recruit Scentsy consultants because the site is not made to sell the business opportunity.  This site is designed to give your prospects information about the opportunity after they are interested.  If you send someone your website without them requesting it you are just going to annoy them or they will mark your messages as spam.  I know a few people who got their Facebook accounts suspended because they kept posting their company link.  Think about it, when was the last time someone sent you an email or you saw a link about a business opportunity and you just joined or bought whatever they were selling? Probably NEVER!


2. does not give your prospects any information about YOU.  If you are going to market a website it should be promoting you and what you have to offer.  People join people not business opportunities.  Even if you did market the company website and someone happens to like what they see, they will Google the company and find someone who knows how to market and brand themselves and they will join with that person.  You need to promote yourself as a leader and as someone who knows how to build a business.  Would you join a business with someone if you think they couldn’t help you build it?  Of course not!  Your prospects will join you if they see the value in working with you.



3.     Another reason Scentsy consultants will struggle when it comes to marketing is because the site has nowhere to capture someone’s information even if they are interested.  If you are marketing online you need to have a way to capture your prospects name, email address and phone number so that you can follow up with them.  What good is an interested lead if you can’t follow up with them?  Not good at all!


Need more Scentsy Consultants?


If you want to sponsor more Scentsy Consultants in your business it is important that you brand yourself as a leader and learn how to market and generate qualified leads.  1 of the biggest problems network marketers struggle with is getting people to look at their business.  If you can show your prospects that you know how to market and get leads not only will you be able to build a solid business but people will also want to work with you because of the value you provide.  The best way to learn how to market is to use attraction marketing.


To see how the top earners are using attraction marketing to brand themselves as leaders, get 30 plus leads a day and recruit 15 plus people every month visit, Matthew Alleyne’s Attraction Marketing blueprint where you will get access to a step by step system to build a solid business.


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