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Talk Fusion The Company


Talk Fusion Is a network marketing company based out of Florida.  The company provides video email services thru their representatives.  With this service you can email relatives, friends, customers or anyone you would like to.  The owners of the company are Bob Reina who is president of the company, Jeanne Dickson who is Vice President of Global business operations, and Henrik Risvang the Chief Operating officer.

The Starter package for talk fusion is $250.  That gives you 1 account for yourself and up to five minutes of recording time.  The executive Package is $750 and with that you get as much as five different user accounts with ten minutes of recording time and twenty thousand bonus views.  Of course you get a lot more benefits when it comes to how much you can earn and the different incentives you can get when you join at the $750 level instead of the $250 dollar level.

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TalkFusion Compensation Plan


The compensation plan is a binary plan this is the plan that will pay you every month based on what your team does. With a binary plan you are building two teams one on the left and one on the right.  There are also 5 other ways that you can get paid in addition to the binary compensation plan. You can get paid a $20 fast start bonus every time you sell a executive package, if you sell an elite package your bonus is &60.  The next way you can make money is with the unlimited bronze maker bonus, This is when you have 2 team members one on the left and one on the right and you help them hit the bronze level you will get a $20 bonus if you help the reach this level within 30 days of them getting in the business.A fourth way you can get paid is with the mega matching bonus.  This bonus allows you to get paid 10% on your personally sponsored teammates.  Fifth is through Advancement bonuses you will get a one time advancement bonus for each rank starting from diamond and higher and you have to maintain that rank for 2 weeks.  Finally you can get paid through the leadership pool.  This is only given to qualified blue diamonds in Talk Fusion.  If you qualify for this bonus you will get 1% of Tal Fusions worldwide sales volume.


Success with Talk fusion


The first thing you need to know is that only 5% of the representatives in Talk Fusion will actually hit diamond or higher.  This has nothing to do with the company, this happens because the majority of people don’t know how to get at least 30 people a day to look at their presentation and they don’t know how to present the business in a way that is appealing to the ones viewing it.  The next problem is that the representatives are spending themselves out of business.  90% of the people in network marketing are spending more money than they are making.

If you want to rank advance in Talk Fusion or any other MLM business you decide to join you have to learn how to effectively market your business.  When I say market your business I mean you have to get in front of people who want what you have to offer.  You also need to learn how to make money even if no one joins the company because you have to be able to  pay your business expenses without going broke.  You have to be able to present your business in a way that makes sense to your prospects.  Finally you have to learn how to build relationships with your prospects and turn your prospects into business partners.  This is the skill that will allow you to make rank advance to the top in any company.

To learn how to build your Talk Fusion business or any other MLM business go to Talk fusion success secrets where attraction marketing specialist Matthew Alleyne will teach you how to make it to the top of your business in record time.


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