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wfg onlineIf you are reading this article you are obviously trying to learn how to market WFG online.  This article will explain why over 90% or reps are struggling with WFGonline and it will also tell you the 3 things you need to do if you are serious about getting life changing results.


WFG Online and the reasons Reps Fail


Problem 1.     The first reason the reps are failing with WFG online is because they are focused strictly on promoting the services and the business opportunity. They promote the business and the services without knowing if the prospect has a real need or desire for the services or to join the business.  They try to tell the prospect what they need instead of listening to what the prospect says he/she needs or wants.


Solution:  Don’t promote WFGonline until you find out what your prospect really wants or needs.  Promote yourself first and then the business opportunity.  Why? People don’t join business opportunities they join people.  No one cares about the company or the compensation plan, they care about you and how you can help them.  Find out what your prospects problem is and then let them see that working with you in World Financial Group is the solution to their problems.


Problem 2.     When promoting the business opportunity the distributors are spending a lot more money than they are making, especially with all the licensing fees that they have to pay.  In addition to the fees the reps are also spending money on advertising so that they can advertise the World Financial Group website in hopes of getting someone to join the business.


Solution: Learn how to get leads the right way on the internet.  There are many different marketing strategies that you can use to attract quality leads for your business.  You can use free marketing or paid marketing, the best thing to do is to use an attraction marketing system that can teach you how to market the business and make more money than you are spending even if no joins WFG.  This will allow you to pay for your business expenses and stay in profit.


Problem 3.     Most Distributors tell their prospects too much information about the company instead of using the tools that the company provides.


Solution: The least you say to your prospect about the business the more interested they will be.  Keep your prospects curious so that they want to know more about the business.  The least you say about the business the more interested they will be.  If you tell them to much information they have no reason to look at a business presentation.


Increase your success when marketing WFGonline


World Financial Group gives anyone the ability to make the money they want, but your success is ultimately going to depend on the skills you learn and use.  To have real success with this business you need to learn how to market your business and get leads.  If you don’t you will not get the result you are looking for.


To learn how the top internet/network marketers are recruiting 30 people a month and making money even when no joins their network marketing business, visit Matthew Alleyne’s MLM training so you can learn the necessary skills to build WFG online.
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