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Trying to find an honest World Financial Group review?

If you are reading this World Financial Group review or WFG review you are probably thinking about joining this business or maybe you have already joined and you want to find out how to start getting results. 

This World Financial Group review will discuss the company and how you can make money if you do decide to join. 

It is very important that you read through the whole review so that you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into before you invest your hard-earned money.

There is no need to worry this World Financial Group review will tell you what the other WFG reviews don't tell you.  You will get the facts about the company, the compensation plan, the World Financial Group scam claims and what is really need to succeed with this business.

Unlike other WFG reviews this will be an unbiased review because I'm not associated with this company in any way.  As a matter of fact after reviewing hundreds of network marketing companies this is my number 1 recommendation.

World Financial Group Review – what is it?

Company website

World Financial Group is a network marketing company that was started back in 1991.  The company was originally called World Marketing Alliance or WMA.  

WFG was started by Hubert Humphrey who was the top producer with A.L. Williams which was renamed Primerica.  After Art Williams sold A.L. Williams, Hubert started World Financial Group.  The company’s main headquarters is located in Duluth, Georgia.

Today the company is owned and controlled by AEGON and Hubert has nothing to do with the company anymore. AEGON is an international life insurance, investment and pension group that supplies great knowledge, support and experience to WFG.

The company is currently doing business in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


World Financial Group Products review

WFG sells numerous financial services through their independent representatives.  Some of the services they sell are

Life Insurance
Mutual Funds
Segregated Funds
Group Insurance
Business Solutions
Disability Insurance
Investment Services
long Term Care
Financial Needs Analysis
Critical Needs insurance 

WFG is also in business with other well-known companies like Nationwide, Pacific life, Hartford life and investment Advisors International and many others.

How Much is it to Join WFG

To become a representative for World Financial Group the price to join is $100 in the USA and $125 in Canada.  The price to join does not include the price of the different licenses that you have to get.  The price of the licenses will depend on the state you live in. 

You might have to spend up to a $1000 for the different licenses you have to get.  Getting licensed can also be very time-consuming.  Before you join make sure you are going to do everything it takes.

World Financial Group Compensation Plan

Here is a video explanation of World Financial Group Compensation plan that was done by one of their distributors.  So you know he will make it seem like it is the best thing on earth lol.  This video is just for educational purposes.


Let me make it very simple for you to understand how the WFG compensation plan works.  If you want to maximize the compensation plan you have to be good at recruiting new reps and selling the services.  If you can master the skill of recruiting and selling products there will be no limit to the amount of money that you can make.

World Financial Group Scam?

There is no World Financial Group scam it is a legitimate business. 

The people who usually make WFG scam claims are usually former distributors who were not smart enough to do their research like you decided to do right now.  They probably joined with a get rich quick mentality and when they didn't get the results they were looking for they quit and call the company a scam.

Most of these people who make the scam claims don't even take the time to get their license to promote this business.

The other people who make World Financial Group scam claims are marketers who have an ulterior motive.  So they make WFG scam claims so that they can promote another business opportunity.

What World Financial Group reviews don't tell you

Most World Financial Group reviews don't tell you that the over 90% of the people who join this business will struggle because they don't know how to recruit or sell the services.

When you get started your sponsor will tell you to make a list of everyone you know so that you can introduce them to the business and the services that are sold.  

This is a good way to get started but what you'll quickly realize if you didn't already is the majority of people you know will not want to join the business or use the services.

So how do you make money if no one wants to join or use the services?

Do what the top earners are doing.  They are not just waiting for the people they know to join them in business. They're marketing and attracting people who are most likely to join the business and buy the services.  If you're going to make any significant money online you must learn how to market and attract the people who actually want to buy what you're selling.

This is the end of my World Financial Group review.  Let me know your experience if you're in the company or what you think about it in the comments below.

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