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world financial group scamIf you are reading this WFG scam article then you are probably thinking about joining but you are trying to get the facts about the company first.  In this article I will discuss the World Financial Group Scam and if such a thing really exist.  It is very important that you read this article to the end because I also tell you what to do if you want to make money with this business.

World Financial Group Scam


Is World Financial Group a scam?  Before we can answer that question we need to define what a scam or pyramid scheme is.  A pyramid scheme is defined as a non-sustainable business that pays its members to recruit people into the scheme without having a real service or product.  So simply put, if you are getting paid to recruit people and the company is not selling anything to anyone that would be classified as a pyramid scheme.


A scam would be a business that fools you into giving them your money without having any intention of keeping up their end of the deal.

So Does The WFG scam or pyramid scheme exist


Lets examine WFG to see if they have an actual product or service that they are selling.  What is it that they sell?  The product that WFG sells is financial services, they sell insurance, annuities, mutual funds, college planning, and retirement strategies along with a few other services.


World Financial Group does not pay its members for recruiting.  The compensation plan is designed to pay the distributors based on the services that are sold personally and through the team effort.


So in answer to the World Financial Group Scam or WFG scam question, the answer is no this company is not a scam because they pay you based on the performance of the distributor and the team. They also don’t qualify as a pyramid scheme because they sell real services and they don’t pay you just to recruit new distributors.


WFG has been in business since 1991 and they are also a division of AEGON.  AEGON has a solid reputation that is backed by performance.  In 2008 Forbes ranked AEGON as one of the world's top companies in their ranking for the world’s biggest and most powerful traded companies.


Why do people Call WFG a scam?


There are only 2 kinds of people who are going to call this company a scam. 1 is someone who knows nothing about network marketing or 2 someone who has been involved in World Financial Group or another network marketing company and didn’t make any money or even lost money.  The truth is World Financial Group is a great company and you have the potential to make life changing money, but most people never make the kind of money that they are looking for because they don’t have the necessary skills.


Make Money with World Financial Group


If you are serious about joining this business and making money with it, it is important that you learn the skills necessary to build the business.  When you join you will have to make a list of your family and friends so that you can introduce them to the business and the services, this is the best way to get started.  The problem usually starts after the distributor has gone through their network of family and friends and they run out of people to speak to.  This is where you will have to learn how to Market and get qualified people to look at your WFG business.  Marketing is the keyword in network MARKETING.


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