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www.5linx.netIf you are reading this article you are probably trying to get more people to visit your website so that you can recruit more 5linx distributor’s.  This article will explain why so many reps are failing trying to promote their replicated site and it will also tell you what you can do to start having success right now. | Why most distributors fail


First of let me start of by saying that 5linx is a great company, but still a lot of people are failing with this business.  When a new distributor gets started in 5linx the first thing they are told to do is to make a list of their family and friends so that they can introduce them to the business opportunity and the products.  This is the absolute best way to get started if you want to make money fast, but the reality is most of the friends and family that you speak to will not be interested and most of them sometimes none of them will not join.


After the distributor goes through their network of family and friends they run out of people to speak to so they resort to trying to get anyone to look at the website in hopes that they will be interested in joining the business.  Most distributors go about this wrong way, for example almost every day someone in 5lnx will send me a link telling me to check out the business opportunity and give them a call after I’m done.  This never works with me or with anyone else.  Think about it, when was the last time someone sent you a link that you didn’t know and you just opened it saw something you liked and bought it on the spot?  Exactly it never happens and that’s what the majority of people are doing not only in 5linx but in every network marketing company.


The right way to market


The website is a nice site but it is not made to sell anyone on the business opportunity, it is made to give someone more information on the company after you have already got them interested.  Before you send someone a link on your business opportunity, you need to find out how the business can help them.  If you can provide value to your prospects and see how you can help them in their life you will sponsor a lot more people into 5linx.


When you speak to your prospects you should be listening for how your opportunity can help them, for example do they want more time with their family? Do they need additional money? Are they worried about loosing their job?  Would they like to be able to donate more money to charity?  It is important that you let your prospects tell you what they want and that you are not telling them what they want.


If you really want to recruit a lot of people into 5linx you have to learn how to market and get quality leads.  If you learn how to market you will be able to attract people who are looking for a business opportunity like 5linx.  This way you can spend a lot more of your time with the right people and avoid the people who just want a job.  Over ninety percent of people are failing in this industry because they don’t know how to market after they go through their friends and family.


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