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Want to know how to recruit more people with your website?  If you are reading this article you are probably trying to figure out how to sponsor more distributors using your site, this article will tell you what most distributors are doing that stops them from sponsoring and it will also tell you how you can sponsor at least 10 distributors every month.

Common mistakes when promoting


First lets talk about why Advocare distributors are struggling to recruit.  Whenever a new distributor gets started in Advocare or any network marketing business, one of the first things they are told to do is to make a list of their family and friends.  Making a list of your friends and family is the best way to get started, but the problem is that after you go through your list of family and friends you will run out of people to speak to, and if that happens it won’t belong until you are out of business.  To avoid this problem distributors usually resort to hanging out in the malls, handing out flyers and spamming their website all over the internet in hopes of getting someone to join their business.

Reasons you won’t recruit with


There are a few reasons why just promoting your website will not help you recruit more people into Advocare.  The first reason is that the website is not made to sell the business opportunity.  The site looks nice but it is only meant to give a prospect more information about the business after they are already interested.  If you send your personal website to someone without them asking you for more information they will just get annoyed and delete it.


The second reason it is not good to promote your website is because it has nowhere to capture your leads name, email address, and phone number.  So even if you sent someone a link to your site and they like it, you will not know because you would not have any way to get in contact with them.  More than likely your prospect will just Google Advocare and find someone who knows how to market and join with them.


The Third reason you should not just promote your website is because it doesn’t promote you in any way.   The site talks about the company and the products and why people should join the business, but it does not talk about why people should join with you.  It is important to know that people join people and not business opportunities.  You should always brand and promote yourself first and your company second.  What happens if you decide that you want to join another company or your company decides to kick you out because you did something wrong?  You would have a hard time recruiting because you spent all of your time and energy branding the company instead of your self.

Successfully recruit with your site


The first thing you should do if you want to recruit more distributors is brand yourself as a leader and as someone who can solve your prospects problems by working with you.  You need to show your prospect how their life would be easier or better by personally working with you and show them that you know how to build the business.


Next you need to learn how to market and attract leads to you.  The main reason Advocare distributors struggle to recruit is because they don’t have enough people to speak to after they go through their family and friends.  The best way to avoid that problem is to learn attraction marketing, so that you can have interested people contacting you about joining your business.  Think about this, the biggest problem that network marketers have is that they don’t have enough interested people to talk to about their business.   Wouldn’t you stand out from the competition if you can teach your prospects how to never run out of people to speak?  Of course you would.  Wouldn’t you want to work with someone who can teach you how to do that?  Of course you would.


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