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www.sunrider.comIf you are reading this article you probably want to know how to promote your website so that you can recruit more Sunrider distributors for your business.  This article will explain why you should not lead with your website when you are trying to recruit and what you can do to start getting the results you are looking for that over 90% of distributors overlook. won’t help you recruit


Before we talk about why strictly promoting your website won’t help you sponsor more distributors lets talk about why distributors try to promote it.  After a new distributor gets started in Sunrider or any network marketing company the first thing they are told to do is to make a list of their friends and family so that they can introduce them to the business opportunity and the products.  That is the best way to get started but the problem is that after the Sunrider distributor goes through their list of family and friends they run out of people to speak to.  So they resort to trying to promote their personal site in hopes of getting someone to join the business or buy the products.


3 reasons why promoting doesn’t work


The first reason that you should not promote your site is because the site does not brand or promote you.  Branding and promoting your self is important because people join people and not just a business opportunity.  What makes you stand out from everybody else who is promoting the same site? YOU! You make you stand out.  The company site only brands the company and there products.  People are only going to do business with someone who they think can help solve their problems, so you need to promote yourself as a leader.


The second reason that you should not just market your personal website is because it is not meant to sell the business opportunity. It is great for providing information after someone is already interested in the opportunity, but if you send your link to someone without them asking for it, the only thing you will do is annoy them and ruin any chance you have for recruiting them.  Only send someone your site if they ask for it or request more information after you have peaked their interest.


The third reason you should not promote your personal site is because it has no place to capture a leads name, email, address or phone number.  Even if someone were interested in the business you would not have a way to get in contact with them and if you are thinking that they will contact you that hardly ever happens.


Build A Successful Sunrider business


If you want to have success as a Sunrider distributor or with any MLM business, you have to brand yourself as a leader and as someone who can solve your prospects problem.  The next thing that you must learn is how to market and get leads so that you will never run out of people to speak to after you go through your warm market.  The best way to learn these skills is to learn attraction marketing.


To see how you can use a proven attraction marketing system to brand yourself as a leader, get 30+ leads a day, and recruit at least 20 distributors every month like the top earners do visit, Matthew Alleyne’s Attraction Marketing blueprint where you will learn how to build a long lasting and profitable business.


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