function onBlur(el) { if (el.value == \'\') { el.value = el.defaultValue; } } function onFocus(el) { if (el.value == el.defaultValue) { el.value = \'\'; } },, usana, usana distributorAre you struggling to Market your website?  If you answered yes you are about to find out why Usana reps can’t promote their website and how you can promote it with ease and climb up the ranks to diamond.


Let me start out by saying I’m not apart of Usana and I don’t use the products, but I specialize in marketing and I help network marketers build their business on the internet by using attraction marketing.  Attraction Marketing is when you have prospects chasing you instead of you chasing them.


Reason’s Usana Reps are failing with


Over 90% of Usana distributors are failing.  Lets talk about why so many reps are failing. When a new rep gets started the first thing they are told to do is make a list of their friends and family so that they can contact them and introduce them to the business and the products.  After they have gone through their friends and family they run out of people to speak to so they resort to trying to get strangers on the internet to look at their website in hopes that they will see it, fall in love with it and sign up.


If you have tried this you know that this method never works and it doesn’t work for a few reasons.  It doesn’t work because the website is not made to get someone interested in joining a business.  The website is made to give someone more information after they are already interested in the business.  The main reason this doesn’t work is because people are not going to do business with someone who they don’t know like or trust.  If you doubt that, try to remember the last time you bought something from someone you disliked.  If you did buy from them are you stilling buying from them now?


Strictly trying to promote your site will turn away more people than attract them. Why? No one likes to be sold on anything and that’s what the failing Usana reps are trying to do.  People like to think that it is their idea to buy anything.


Get Success With Usana


If you want to have success with Usana you have to look at what the failing reps are doing and do the complete opposite.  90% of the reps are failing promoting Usana, if you want to be successful you should be branding and promoting yourself.  If everybody in the company is promoting the same website how do you stand out?  You don’t!  You have to provide value to your prospects and show them how their life would better or easier by joining you in Usana.


Understand that Usana is just a vehicle to help people reach their goals and dreams.  You have to show them how to use Usana to get to their destination of financial freedom and having more free time in their life.


To have success with Usana you need to learn how to market and get leads using the internet.  Why? There are over 1 million people searching the internet every month looking for a way to make money from home.  Doesn’t it make sense to have people chasing you who are looking for what you have?  Doesn’t it make sense to be able to teach your downline how to recruit distributors without getting rejected? Or would you rather get rejected by unqualified job seekers and continually get dumb objections like “is this a pyramid scheme”?


To learn how The top Internet Marketers are using the internet to build network marketing empires and recruiting 15+ people every month into their business visit The Real Usana Marketing Blueprint and learn how to dominate in Usana.


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