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7 habits of highly effective people

Want to know the 7 habits of successful people in network marketing?

If you want to get the same results that successful people have you need to know their habits.

This blog post will let you know the 7 habits of successful people so that you can implement them.

What most network marketers focus on

Most struggling network marketers look at the wrong things when they look at successful people.

They compare their results to the results of the people having success.

For example they might say:

  • Their successful because they have influence
  • Everyone joins with them because they're getting results
  • They get a lot of leads because they have a lot of money to invest

If you're saying any of these things you're really saying… I can't be successful because I don't have special circumstances.

The truth is the majority of successful people all started off were you are or even worst.

Instead of focusing on their current results you should be focused on the habits that got them the results.

There are 7 habits of successful people in network marketing that you should be doing.

7 habits of successful people

Personal development

The most important thing that you can work on is your mindset.

You should be listening to personal development every single day.

Successful entrepreneurs are always working on themselves and their mindset.

That's why they are able to keep going despite adversity.  They will replace television or music with personal development.

The average person quits as soon as they hit an obstacle because they don't have the right mindset.


If you're building any kind of business… prospecting is a must.

One of the reasons successful network marketers succeed is because they prospect daily.

I've never heard any successful network marketer say that they prospect less than 10 people a day when they first started.

They don't worry about what to say in the beginning they just get it done.

Again that goes back to mindset and personal development.

Of course they get better as they go, but they don't stop because they don't know the right script.


Almost every successful marketer you see today knows how to market and brand themselves.

They learn how to attract people who are interested in what they have to offer.

Learning how to generate leads is a must for them.

They don't just rely on trying to recruit people they know and prospecting strangers.

Invest in Education

Successful entrepreneurs are always investing in their education.

They understand that the information they learn will allow them to improve their business and increase their income.

Money is never an issue for them even if they don't have it.

They become resourceful and come up with ideas to get money for training.

I've talked to some successful people who sold their cars and televisions to buy trainings.

Teach others

The network marketer's that truly dominate are the ones that are teaching others what they learn.

They don't only invest in education but they also educate as well.

Entrepreneurs who truly dominate in their industry are the ones who are providing valuable information to their audience.

When they learn something they teach it in a leveraged way ie videos, blog post, webinars.

Attend Events

They always attend events and get around other people who are making it happen.

I know a kid who went to his company event and he didn't know how he was going to get home.

At 23 years old he was able to quit his Job and move to Thailand because of the money he made after the event.

Of course he didn't become successful just because he attended the event.

The event raised his belief and he actually believed that it was possible for him to succeed… So he did


Successful network marketers never give up.

They do the things necessary to succeed on a daily basis no matter what.

Excuses don't exist in their world they just get the job done.

Obstacles.  They're focused on who they want to become and not what their current circumstances will allow.

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These are the 7 habits of successful people in network marketing.

If you start to do these things daily you will become successful.

Don't focus on where you're right now in life… focus on where you're going.

Are you going to start applying the 7 habits of successful people in your business today?  Let me know in the comments below.  You can also share this on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter.

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