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Empower NetworK ReviewIf you are reading this “Empower Network review” you are probably thinking about joining, but you want to know is it all hype or is it the real deal?  Do you really just need to sign up and start making 100% commissions or is there something that you are missing?  This Empower Network review will give you the facts behind this opportunity and what you really need to do to succeed if you do decide to join and get all in.  What you are about to learn from this Empower Network review may surprise or even shock you!

Empower Network Review – So what Exactly is EN?

Empower Network also referred to as EN is an affiliate marketing program that was started back in October  2011, by David Wood and David Sharpe.  The main product that they market is a turnkey authority wordpress blogging platform that has the social media links and RSS links already integrated into the blog for the members.  The purpose of the blog is to allow you to promote other products or services that you are selling or promoting regardless of if you are doing MLM or affiliate marketing.  You can also just promote the system and get paid 100% commissions.

Four months after EN started, they paid out over $4millions dollars in commissions to the members.   Within the first three days of the company launching they paid out over $250,000 in affiliate commissions to members, which is very impressive for a 3 day old company.

EN’s goal is “to help hundreds of thousands of network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation.”

Why Should I use the Empower Network Blog if I already have my own?

Well there is nothing wrong with having your own personal blog, but the Empower Network blog is good because it is already an authority site.  What does that mean?  You write your blog post promoting whatever you want to promote and it will rank in the search engines faster than a new blog that has no authority if you do everything correctly.  A new blog with a new domain usually takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months to start ranking in the searching engines if you are doing everything correctly.

Another benefit to the EN blog is that you don’t have to go through all the technical stuff of getting it setup, designing it, integrating all of the necessary plugins to help your blog post to rank.  With the EN blog you just have to select how you want your name, bio and picture to show up and you are ready to start writing and promoting your content.   Of course if you have your own blog you should post to both your EN blog as well as your own blog, this way your blog will also gain authority over time.

Empower Network Review – How much is it to join?

To join Empower Network and start using the blogging platform will cost you $25 per month.  If you would also like to become an affiliate and make money you will have to pay an additional $20 per month and this is for an e-wallet account which allows you to get paid.  So your total cost is $45 if you decide to become an affiliate.

Empower Network review – How does the compensation plan work?

empower network review

This Plan is different from any other plan I have seen and it allows you to make a lot more money than you think when you first see it.  The compensation plan pays 100% commissions on every product that you have invested in except one (more on that shortly).  So for example every time someone signs up for the blogging system you will make $25 per month from each member as long as they are active (minus the merchant fees).  You can’t avoid the merchant fees, even if you decided to have your own personal merchant account (and EN does give you the option to do that, but it is not recommended) they would charge you a fee every time you make a commission.  It is just the cost of doing business.

This is also a pass up compensation plan, where you pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale to your sponsor or the next qualifying person above you.  So for example if you have 10 people who get the $25 blogging system you would make money on your 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th through 10th sales which would mean you are making $175 per month and your sponsor would make $75 per month from your efforts.

Now I know you are saying to yourself, I’m passing up good money…right?  But check this out…let’s say that the 10 people you sponsor all make 10 sales.  That would mean that each one of them is making a $175 per month and you would be making $75 X 10 people = $750.  So you would be making an extra $750 per month in addition to the $175 that you are already making from your existing customers. Do you see how fast the money adds up? This is the type of thing that can make you lose sleep. Empower Network Review – What are the other products that EN sells?

As of right now there are currently 5 products and you can earn 100% commissions on 4 of them.  The Products are the

Viral blogging system ($25 per month)
Inner Circle Membership ($100 per month)
Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one time)
The $15K Formula ($1000 one time)
Masters Course ($3500 one time)

The Masters course is the only course that you don’t earn a 100% commission. You earn $3000 per sale every time you sell a Masters course which is nothing to laugh at.

Empower Network Review – Do you need to buy every course that you want to get paid on?

Yes you have to buy the courses that you want to get paid on.  The founders of EN believe and so do I that it is unethical to sell a product to someone if you personally do not own it.  So when you hear how people are making $3000 and $4000+ a day with Empower Network it is because they “got all in” and bought everything, they are not making that kind of money just promoting the viral blogging system.  Most Empower Network reviews will not tell you that.

Should I buy All of the Empower Network Products?

That is up to you… If you would like the opportunity to make $3000 and $4000+ sales a day then you should buy everything at  However, you should understand that it will not come easy and you must be willing to put in the work necessary to get the results you desire.  Don’t worry we teach you how to do everything step by step.

On the other hand if you are someone who expects to buy the products and believe that the products will sell themselves and you don’t have to do anything like a lot of people who don’t know anything say, and you think you are going to make $1000 the same day you sign up, then the Empower Network is not for you.

Empower Network Review – The Truth Exposed

The top earners inside of Empower Network who made money fast are the guys who know how to market and generate leads.  The people who made big money right away are the people who came to the table with an existing list.  All they had to do was send out a few emails promoting their site and BAM! dozens of people signed up and commissions were made.

The truth is the majority of guys and girls who climbed to the top really fast and made money overnight after they joined are involved with MLSP aka My Lead System Pro, which is an attraction marketing system that teaches you how to brand yourself, market and generate quality leads for any business.  As a matter of fact David Wood and David Sharpe created EN with the list that they generated from MLSP.  I personally use the MLSP system to make affiliate sales, recruit people for my MLM and to promote EN.

When you Join Empower Network for $25 you get immediate access to an authority blog, and your suppose to do 3 things 1) Blog Daily 2) Make money and 3) Tell others.  But what exactly should you blog about and why should you blog anyway?  If you don’t know the answers to those questions or how to do it, check out my FREE 6 day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp or just join our team right here right now and you will get access to our private team training were we show you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.

Are there any Bonuses for Joining Empower Network with me?

If you have ever tried blogging or article writing before you probably know that one of the hardest things is to figure out what to write about and to stay consistent.  So not only do you get access to our private team training but you also get 30 new articles every month as long as you are active to post to your Empower Network blog.


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