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Do you have entrepreneur characteristics or do you have the characteristics of an employee?entrepreneur characteristics

Most employee's find it hard to develop the characteristics of an entrepreneur because they have to think differently.

This post will tell the difference between entrepreneur characteristics and the characteristics of an employee.

Employee to Entrepreneur

More and more people want to make the switch from employee to entrepreneur so they join an MLM.

Network marketing is the best and easiest way for the average person to become an entrepreneur.

It is the only business model that allows you to get started with a tiny investment and create big profits quickly.

Not to mention you don't have all of the headaches that you would with a traditional business.

The problem is because anybody can come up with the money to get started a lot of people join with the wrong mindset.

Most people are really employees who don't understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Characteristics vs Characteristics of an employee

If you're going to start your own business it is important that you have entrepreneur characteristics.

There is nothing wrong with being an employee but you have to know when to be what.

Here are the characteristics of an entrepreneur:

  • Self starter
  • Ambitious
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Has a vision (looks at the long-term)
  • Consistent
  • Persistent
  • Takes Risk
  • Open minded
  • Decisive
  • Unaffected by what others think
  • Leaders
  • Doesn't Mind Delayed gratification (getting paid in the future)

Here are the characteristics of an employee:

  • Follows orders
  • Hourly or salaried worker
  • Managers
  • Avoid risk
  • Likes security (steady paycheck, social security, pension, 401k etc)
  • Wants Instant gratification (pay me now)
  • Thinks short-term


Learn how to build your business

Like I said before there is nothing wrong with employees or entrepreneurs.

However if you're starting a business you need to develop the qualities of an entrepreneur.  

The main difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is the way they think.  

Both groups experience the same challenges but they just see and do things differently.

You can become whatever you decide but it all starts with your mindset.

Did you find this information helpful?  Do you have entrepreneur characteristics?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you got value from this share it on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter.

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