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isagenix.comIf you are reading this article you probably need help promoting your websiteThis article will explain what you need to do to start having success with isagenix and why just promoting your website will never get you the results you are looking for.  There are a few reasons why you will not make any real money by just marketing your website.


If you pay attention to your Isagenix website you will notice that it gives a lot of information on the company, the products, people giving testimonials about how great the company is, but the website never gives information on you and how great you are to work with.  The truth is that even tough Isagenix is a great company with great products they really don’t care who signs up with you or who buys the product from you.  The only thing that matters to them is that their products are being sold and distributors are joining the business with distributors on a big scale.


If you want to have success building the business you have to stop branding Isagenix and start branding yourself as the leader everyone wants to work with.  Know one wants to get in business with someone who doesn’t know how to build a business.  This is what the top earners are doing that the failing reps are not doing.  After you learn how to brand yourself and position yourself as a leader then you will be able to get people to look at your website simply because they want to know what it is that you do.  Don’t be surprised if you have people ready to join you in business before they even see what business you are involved with.

The right way to Market your Website


If you want to drive traffic to your company website you first need to have your own personal website that brands what Isagenix is not branding or promoting YOU.  Don’t worry about promoting the company because they are already doing a good job at branding themselves and a lot of the failing distributors are also branding the company, so they have all the help they need when it comes to distributors promoting them.


Your website should be able to let your prospects get to know you and it should also show your prospects the value you provide and why they should work with you.  You will also need to have a lead capture form on your website so that you can capture your leads information.  It is important to brand yourself because people don’t join business opportunities, they join people.


After you have your own website that brands you, you need to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your website and then eventually direct your leads to your website.  Marketing is very important in network marketing.  Most people that get started in Network Marketing just go through their network of friends and family and then they get stuck because they don’t know what to do after they speak to everybody.  When you know how to market you can build any MLM business that you decide to get involved with.   When you know how to market you will also have high quality leads who are actually interested in building an MLM business like Isagenix.


If you want to learn how you can get 30 or more targeted leads who are interested in joining a MLM business and how you can sponsor 20+ reps a month go to Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Lead Generation blueprint that will let you know everthing you need to have success with your business.


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