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isagneix scamIf you are reading this Isagenix scam article you are probably considering joining the company, but you want to do your research to see if it is a scam or not.  In this Isagenix review you will get the facts about the company and answer to the Isagenix scam question.

Isagenix Scam?


Before we can answer the Isagenix scam question, we have to know the definition of a scam or a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is defined as a non sustainable business that does not have a product or service, but only pays its members for recruiting other members.  So in simple words any business that does not sell a service or product but pays you to recruit people is a pyramid scheme.


Now lets look at the definition of a scam.  A scam is defined as a swindle or to swindle by means of a trick.  Simply put a scam in this case would be a business that tries to swindle you out of your money by tricking you into believing that you will get something that the company can’t give you or has no intention of giving you.

Isagenix Products


Isagenix has many products from skin care, to nutritional products, to health products, to weight loss products.  The main product is called the Isagenix Cleansing and fat burning system.  The products have received a lot of great reviews from the costumers who have used it.  The products are also endorsed by many professional athletes, doctors, and celebrities.

Isagenix Pay Plan


How does Isagenix pay the distributors?  There are 6 ways that you can get paid with this company but in no way do you get paid for recruiting distributors.  The only way you can get paid in Isagenix is for selling the products personally or for the sales that your team does.


More Isagenix Facts


They are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) which has very high standards and it is very hard to become a member.


They were ranked 1099 in INC 500 in 2009 out of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the US.


They have been in business since 2002.  So they past the 5 year mark where most companies out of business in the first 5 years.


They have been raising money for the ChildHelp organization since 2004.  In 2009 they raised more than $1 million to donate to ChildHelp.


Does The Isagenix Scam exist?


Isagenix is not a scam it is legal money making opportunity with great products.  No one in their right mind can honestly call this company a scam after reviewing the facts about the company.  So why do so many people call this company a scam?


Well there are a few reasons why people would call this opportunity a scam.  One reason is that some of the distributors might straight up lie to someone about the business to get them to join. They might tell the prospect that you are guaranteed to make money and everybody in the company is making money and the products sell themselves.  Another reason people might call Isagenix a scam is because they were involved in isagenix or another network marketing company and they didn’t make any money so they call it a scam and tell other people not to get involved because it is a scam.  The last reason people would call this company a scam is because they don’t understand network marketing and what it is all about.

Isagenix Success Tips


The truth is that a lot of people get involved in this company and other network marketing companies and they don’t make any money and some people even loose money in the business.  This is not because the company is bad but it is usually because most distributors don’t take the time out to learn how to market and get leads.  After you go through your list of family and friends and everyone you know you have to learn how to market your business.


If you don’t know how to market your business to qualified people you won’t make any real money.  It is important that you learn how to market your business online so that you can position yourself and your business in front of the people who are looking for what you have.


To see how you can position yourself in front of the 2 million people that are searching for a business like Isagenix every month and recruit 15+ new distributors every month go to Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Training system.


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