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Javita CoffeeResearching Javita Coffee to see if it is a good MLM business for you to join?  If you are this Javita review will give you the facts about the company so that you can make an intelligent decision before you spend your hard earned money.


Javita Coffee


Javita Coffee is a network marketing company that got started on June 1st 2011.  The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. In April 2011 Javita started a marketing campaign called reserve your cup to attract people to the business.  Javita is currently operating in 30 different countries.


This company is also the sister company to Waiora.  Waiora is a health and wellness network marketing company.  Javita and Waiora are both operated by the CEO Stanley J. Cherelstein and both companies share the same headquarters.


Javita wants to make 100,000 families debt free, A thousand 6-figure earners and ten millionaires by December 2012.

Javita’s Product


Their main product is called Energy + Mind.  Energy + Mind is coffee that is full of natural herbs, phytonutrients, antioxidants and of course the coffee is organic.  This coffee is suppose to give you more energy, mental clarity, and help your memory.


Javita Cost To Join


You can join Javita for $49, $59 or $599.  If you join for $49 you will be paying for the member application fee and also information packets on the company and the product.  You will not get any of the product if you join at the $49 level.  It is best to join at the $599 level because you will get products and you will also have access to all the bonuses the company provides to distributors.


Distributors in Javita are paid based on the sale of the coffee and how they help their team to make sales.  There are 8 ways you can make money with Javita.  All 8 ways include selling coffee and recruiting new distributors to sell the product as well.  To really make a lot of money with this company you need to be able to recruit new distributors and teach them how to market the coffee and the business opportunity.  If you are good at this you will get paid every way that the company has to offer.


Success with Javita


If you want to have success with Javita you will need to learn how to market the business to qualified people and get at least 20 or more leads a day.  Without knowing how to market and generate leads you will not make any money in this business.


After reviewing Javita like most network marketing companies, I could not find any real training on getting quality leads or marketing.  It is highly recommended that if you plan to make money with this company and take it seriously that you take the timeout to learn the necessary skills.


To learn how you can get 20 or more high quality targeted leads a day and recruit 15+ distributors every month visit Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Lead Generation Training.


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