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Have you been contemplating whether or not you should start branding yourself?

I'm going to give you some marketing tips on how you can brand yourself so that you can attract more leads and sales to your business.

These marketing tips will help you even if you never earned a dime.

What most network marketers think about branding

My wife and I are always talking to network marketers and giving them marketing tips on how they can get better results in business.

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Anyway I was saying that we speak to a lot of network marketers and a lot of them don't have a clue on how to brand themselves.

Some of them believe that they are branding themselves by promoting the company products or dressing up to do 1 on 1 presentations.

Or they believe that if they have a company registered in their own name they are branded.

In reality what they are really doing is branding the company and promoting the company products.

I also speak to marketers who understand branding a little better but they still have the wrong idea.

They believe that you should have major results before you should start branding yourself.  A few people even said to me I can't brand myself when I haven't made any money yet.

Marketing tips to help you Brand Yourself

Before we talk about how to brand yourself lets talk about why you should brand yourself.

Branding yourself is the most important thing you can do in your business because it allows you to stand out from everyone else.

The majority of people are just promoting their company and products like everyone else is and they're all struggling to make sales and recruit.

When you Brand yourself you're able to attract more leads and customers to you and recruit more reps.  Why?  Because people are attracted to people and not a business opportunity or products.

How do you brand yourself?

Simply put you brand yourself by providing value to your targeted audience.

How do you provide value to them?  Find out what problems they are struggling with or what they need answers to and provide the solution to that problem.

Create a video or write a blog that gives your target market the information that they're looking for.

When you start providing value on a consistent basis your audience will start to see you as credible person in your field.

When they see you as a credible person it will be a lot easier for you to sell and recruit new reps into your business.

Now I'm not saying that you should stop prospecting and just focus on branding yourself.  Instead keep prospecting until your branding starts to kick in.

When you start attracting prospects and leads from your branding then you can start to slow down on your prospecting if you want to.

If you truly want to start dominating in your business… branding yourself is not an option it is a requirement.

Did these marketing tips on how to brand yourself help you?  Are you branding yourself right now?

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