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Are you scared to prospect because you don't like getting rejected.

In this post I share some prospecting tips that will help you overcome the fear of rejection.

Prospecting tips to overcome the fear of rejection

Before we get into the prospecting tips on overcoming the fear of rejection…

We need to talk about what creates the fear or makes you nervous when you're prospecting.

The main reason you have a fear of getting rejected when prospecting is because you have the wrong mindset.

Most people prospect with the mentality… I have to recruit someone or make a sale today.

They're so focused on recruiting or making a sale that they make themselves nervous or even fearful to prospect.

If you have the mentality that you must recruit or sell to everyone you speak to you're creating unrealistic expectations…

Not to mention you're also putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Even the top earners only recruit about 30% of the people they prospect.

So you're probably wondering… what should I be focused on when prospecting?

Prospecting tips: Where to focus your attention

Instead of trying to recruit or sell to everyone you prospect you should be focused on seeing who is open.

If you spend your time focusing on who is open you will relieve yourself of a lot of unnecessary stress.

Think of yourself like the person working at the fast food restaurant who ask…

Do you want fries with that or would you like a drink with that?

They never take it personal, they just move on to the next person.  If you have that attitude you will get over your fear of prospecting.

Watch the video below where we go over a few more prospecting tips.

Video: Get over the fear of rejection with these prospecting tips

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Did you get any value from this post?  Do you have any additional tips that would help someone get over the fear of rejection when prospecting?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you got value from this post share it on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter.


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