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If you are on any kind of social media you should check out these social media marketing tips especially if you're building a network marketing business or any kind of business really.

There are a few things you should and shouldn't do if you're marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any other social media site.  Lets get in to these social media marketing tips.

Social Media Marketing Tips What not to do

A big mistake I see many people make especially on Facebook is that they promote their company website or products.  If you look at their profile image its a picture of their company and the products that they are selling.  That is the worst thing you could do.

Why do I say that you ask?

Well people are on social media to be social, they are interested in you not the products or company that you're promoting.  Imagine someone taking a picture of their office at work and posting as their profile picture… that would be weird!  Its called Facebook… so your face should be on your profile.  If someone wants to know more about your network marketing company and the products that they sell they could easily visit the website.

If you post your company picture all over your social media account it is like telling people to stay away from you.  They automatically feel that if you talk to them you are going to try to sell them something.  And be honest, how eager are you to befriend someone that you think is going to try to sell you something?

Now let's say that someone is actually interested in your company or product, the first thing most people usually do is Google the company.  When they Google it they might find information from someone who knows how to market and join with that person or they might find some kind of scam claim that deters them from being interested in the company.  The same thing goes for the products, if you post your product they might go look for it on amazon or ebay and buy it from one of those site.

When you let it be known all over social media what you're into, no one has to talk to you about what you do because there is nothing to be curious about.

Social Media Marketing Tips – what to do

Here are 3 of the best social media marketing tips I can give you.

The first thing you want to do is keep your friends on social media curious.  If you're selling a product let them ask you what you're selling.  For example if you're in weight loss and you're selling some kind of shake you can post pictures of your results and show them a picture of the shake that you're using without the name on it.  You can say something like i just added my secret ingredient to the shake.  Now if you promote it that way you'll attract people who wants to lose weight and they'll be curious about what you're using and they'll have no choice but to message you.

The second social media tip is have pictures of yourself doing fun things.  People will be curious about what you do if you have pictures of you doing fun things or spending time with friends and family, its called lifestyle marketing.  Think about it, people usually get involved with network marketing because of the lifestyle that is possible not because they want to recruit people and sell products.  So promote your lifestyle instead and don't worry, you don't have to do anything elaborate, its usually the simple things in life that matters most.

The 3rd tip is be positive.  Never ever have anything negative on your social media site.  Share inspirational quotes, do videos that solve problems in your target market, provide valuable content.  If you do this you'll attract a lot of people to you and your business.

I know I told you I would give you 3 social media marketing tips but I'll throw in a bonus.  Look for people that make positive comments, or post inspirational quotes and like, comment and share their post.  This will help you attract positive people to your business.

If you follow these social media marketing tips your business will drastically improve.

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