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Social media prospecting or offline prospecting… which one do you prefer?

Some people say that they don't like using the internet because they like the old fashion way of prospecting.

This blog post will give you my opinion on social media prospecting versus offline prospecting and which one is best.

Prospecting and Marketing

Before we even talk about social media prospecting and online prospecting lets talk about what prospecting is.

I don't want you to mistake prospecting for marketing.

Prospecting is when you approach specific people to see if they would be interested in joining your business or buying your products.

Marketing is when you put out information to target a certain group of people and get them to come to you.

With Prospecting you're going out of your way to approach people and with marketing people are approaching you.

You can market or prospect both online or offline.

Offline Prospecting

When people go prospecting they are usually going out to connect with people to see if they would be open to looking at their business and their products.

There is nothing wrong with offline prospecting, but it does require a lot of time, energy and sometimes money.

A lot of people who I speak to who prospect offline only contact about 3 people per day.

Most of the times they have to buy gas or spend money on transportation.

I personally don't believe in going out to prospect because it is weird.

Most people don't consistently prospect long enough to build a profitable business…

Especially when they have other responsibilities that require a lot of time.

Social Media Prospecting

I believe social media prospecting is the better option when you compare it to offline prospecting.

Here are a few reasons why I believe prospecting on social media is better

  • There is no need to spend any additional money
  • Don't have to leave your house
  • You can prospect from your smart phone
  • You're able to review your prospects before you prospect them
  • Prospect 20+ people a day in less than an hour
  • You don't look weird
  • It is easier to duplicate

Social media has the advantage over offline prospecting for all of the reason plus a few more.  I recommend that if you're not prospecting on social media you start doing it.

Don't follow the people who say “I prefer to do it the traditional way” because they are not adjusting to the times.

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Once again I'm not saying that you shouldn't do offline prospecting.

I'm saying you shouldn't go out to prospect when you can access the internet.

However, I do believe in prospecting while you're out.

Did this information help you? Do you prospect online or offline?  Let me know you're thoughts in the comments below.

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