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social media recruitingAre you struggling with social media recruiting or just recruiting in general?

Social media recruiting is very easy when you learn how to do it.

In this blog post I'll give you some tips on how you can recruit more reps on social media and also what you should avoid doing.

Social Media recruiting tips part 1

In part one we gave you some social media recruiting tips to help you pick quality prospects.  If you didn't see part one take a look at it here.

Now that we gave you tips on how to find quality prospects… now you need to know how to recruit them into your business.

Common mistakes network marketers make  on social media

Almost everyday someone tries to recruit me into their business.

It usually starts with someone telling me about their compensation plan and how great the products are.

Then they send me a link to look at their business.  All of this is done before I even respond.  They don't even take the time to say HI lol.

I use to hate getting these types of messages until I learned how to actually recruit these people into my business.  I'll discuss more on that topic in another blog post

If you're trying to recruit using these methods or anything similar to it… STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  It doesn't work and you know it!

If you're doing that you're basically letting people know that you're not successful and you're desperate.

Now lets talk about the proper to speak to your prospects on social media or anywhere else for that matter.

Social Media recruiting Strategy Ask questions

If you want to recruit more reps or sell more products you need to be able to ask good questions.

You should never ever just start talking to someone about your business without finding out if they are open to looking at a business.

Here are a few questions you should ask your prospects before you introduce your business.

What do you do for a living?

How long have you done that?

Do you enjoy doing that?

If they don't enjoy doing it… why not?

What would you really like to do if time and money wasn't a problem?

Do you have a plan to accomplish those goals?

If I can show you how to accomplish those goals would you be open to taking a look at a side project if it doesn't interfere with what you're doing?

Of course it is important to build rapport before you ask someone if they're open to looking at your business.  You can use the FORM method to build rapport.

Family – Ask them questions about their Family (wife, son, daughter etc.)

Occupation – What they do for a living

Recreation – What they like to do for fun.

Message – Deliver your message… Find out if their open to looking at your business opportunity.

If you follow these social media recruiting tips you will recruit more people into your business.



Become a master prospector

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