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Would you like some social media training on how to get your prospects to watch your presentation?

In this post we tell you exactly what you need to do to get your prospects to watch your presentation.

Social media training on what to avoid

You've probably tried to get prospects to look at your presentation by just messaging them your link…

If you've never done it you probably had someone spam your inbox with their link.

I've had many people randomly send me their link without even having a conversation with me.

If you've been randomly messaging your link or spamming it in different groups on Facebook…

You've probably already figured out that using those methods doesn't work.

For some strange reason this is the social media training that I've seen some companies teach.

It's very rare for someone to join you in business or buy a product from you before they know you.

So how do you get your prospects to want to watch your presentation?

Social media training the secret to get prospects on your presentation

The secret to getting prospects on your presentation is very simple…

Before you try to send them your link find out if they have a problem that your product or business would solve.

The only way to do this is by asking questions.  Imagine going to the doctor because you had a stomach ache…

But instead of asking you questions to find out whats wrong he just starts to prescribe medication.

He walks up to you and says I'm going to write you a prescription for viagra and give you something for your cholesterol.

You would probably ask… What kind of doctor is this, he didn't even ask me why I came into see him and he's writing prescriptions?

This is how you come across when you send a link without knowing how your business can help your prospect.

After building some rapport with your prospect you might see how your product or opportunity could help them…

Or you might ask do you keep your options open to making additional money?

If they say yes ask them… I'm just curious why are you open to looking at an opportunity to make money.

After you find out their reason why then you can share your product or business with them and you'll greatly increase your chances of them watching it and joining you.

In the video below we go into more social media training on how to get your prospects to watch your presentation.

Video: How to get your prospects interested in your product or business

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