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visalus scamIf you are reading this article you are probably trying to get the facts about the Visalus Scam and the Body By Vi Challenge before you make a decision to join or not.  It is always a good idea to do your due diligence before you spend your hard earned money to join any business.   In this article, you will get the facts about the Visalus Scam and you will also learn what you can do to have success if you do decide to join.

Visalus Scam – Is there any truth to it?


Before we can answer the question to the Visalus Scam claims we have to know what a scam or a pyramid scheme is.  The definition of a scam is defined as someone who intentionally tries to get something of value out of someone without giving what they are expected to give.  In plain English Visalus scam would be true if they took your money and they have no intention of paying you when you produce the results that allows you to get paid or they don’t supply you with the products that they are suppose to.


Now that we know the  “Visalus scam” claims are false lets see if it is a pyramid scheme.  The definition is a Pyramid scheme is a non sustainable company that pays it distributors just for recruiting other people into the scheme without having any real product or service being sold.


So does the Visalus scam exist?  The answer is NO it does not exist.  The company pays its distributors for the results they produce and also provides excellent products to their customers. Is it a pyramid scheme?  The answer is NO again.  The Body By Vi distributors are only paid for the sale of products done by themselves and their teams (the people who they recruit).

Body By Vi Scam or legit


The Body By Vi Challenge is a 90day challenge that is suppose to help you reach your weight loss and body transformation goals.  The Body By Vi challenge guarantees results and it also has online and offline support to help you.  The program focuses on food that helps you get rid of fat and keep lean muscle.  Visalus has 3 different meal kits that you can choose from depending on what your goals are for your body.  Overall the Body By Vi challenge is not a scam and a lot of people are getting results with it.


Who makes Visalus Scam claims?


There only 2 reasons that people will make Visalus scam claims. 1 reason is because some people are clueless about the network marketing business model and the 2nd reason is that they have been involved in Visalus or another network marketing and they didn’t make any money because they joined with a lottery mentality and they did not but in the work.


The main reason people don’t make money with Body By Vi or any network marketing company is because they never but in the work that is required.  The truth is even though Visalus is a great company, over 90% of the distributors will not make the money that they would like to because they don’t have any marketing skills.  To build a network marketing business you have to learn how to market and get leads or else you will be out of business within 3 months.

The Visalus Scam Claims are false so How Do You Succeed?


Now that you the Visalus scam claims are not true, you might decide that you want to join.  The key to your success will depend on your ability to sell the products and recruit distributors. It is very important that you learn how to market and get leads like the top producers do because that is the only way that you will be able to recruit and sell the products.  To see how the top earners in Visalus are recruiting 20-50 new distributors every month and qualifying for BMW’s everyday visit, Matthew Alleyne’s MLM Training where you will get access to a step by step marketing blue print to explode your business.


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