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Ever wonder why people quit your Network Marketing business?

Is it because they're not making enough money?  Is it because they aren't getting support? Or could it be that they don't know what to do after they get started?

Those are all reasons why people quit network marketing, but there are some other reasons that you might not be aware of.

This blog post will explain why a lot of people quit their network marketing company and it will also tell you how you reduce the number of people who actually quit.

Why people quit Network Marketing?

Well you probably already know that the main reason people quit is because they don't make any money or  because they spend themselves out of money.

However, did you know that you could actually make them quit or reduce the amount of people who quit your team if you do a few things differently?

Here are some reasons why people might quit your network marketing business:

  • You give them false expectations before the get started.
    You might tell them anything you think they need to hear before they join.  For example you might say that you really don't have to sell the products, the products sell themselves.  When people see the business opportunity they are ready to join, before they watch the entire presentation they will be ready to join.  The only thing you have to worry about is how many times per week you want to go to the bank to deposit the checks.
  • They are not prepared for what family and friends tell them.
    When your new team member gets started in network marketing they might experience some well-intentioned friends and family members telling them that what they are doing will not work.  They might tell even tell them that they are involved in a scam or a pyramid scheme.  It would be better if you just focused on your job and forget about these get rich quick schemes.
  • It is extremely cheap to get involved in a Network Marketing business.
    One of the benefits of network marketing is that anybody can get involved because it only cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get started. The downside of network marketing is that anybody can join because it is so cheap. Since it is so cheap to get involved most people don't think twice about quitting as compared to someone who invest $100k to join a traditional business.  If you had to invest $20k or more to join a MLM business you would get a lot more people who are serious about building a business and not quitting.
  • You or your prospect don't know why they joined.
    A lot of people get new reps started and they don't have a clue as to why they joined the business or what their driving force is. If your prospect doesn't know why they joined the business they also won't know why they should build or why they shouldn't quit.
  • You Push your prospect to achieve what you want and not what they want
    Your prospect might only want to make $500 a month but you're trying to get them to do work that will make them $10k a month.  Understand that your goals are not your prospect's goals.  If you try to make them feel that they're goals are to small or not good enough they will quit.

How Do you stop them from quitting?

The truth is no matter what you do people will always quit.  No one or no industry has 100% retention. People quit at everything.

However, if you follow these tips you will reduce the amount of people who quit your business.

Before you recruit someone let them know what is required of them if they want to make money.  Let them know that if they want to make a little money or a lot of money they will need to put in the work.

Let them know that people will make fun of them and tell them that they are involved in a scam or a pyramid scheme.  People will tell them that they are wasting their time and they need to just keep working at their job.  Ask them if they let the opinions of others dictate how they run their life or are you someone who makes your own decisions.

Don't put your expectations on your prospects, find out why they want to accomplish and show them how to do it and leave them alone.

Inspire your team with your own actions.  Do everything you want your team to do.  

If you follow these tips you will have better retention.

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